The AT&T Georgia Pioneers are committed to promoting and practicing good health habits by sponsoring and/or volunteering services at Company or Community sponsored Health Fairs.

Possible Vendors
Emory Cardiac

BLS Life Counts

Alzheimer’s Association

Health Fitness Corporation

Autism Society of America

American Cancer Society

Arthritis Foundation

American Lung Association

Healthy Inspirations

American Heart Association

American Diabetes Association

Pearle Vision

Lenox Fitness Center

Additional Information
Expecting 300-400 participants

Goodie bags and give-a-ways

Exit interviews

Need volunteers

Health Fairs….

Establish health providers as a source for educational health programming in the community

Increase wellness awareness by providing health screenings, materials, demonstrations and activities

Increase awareness of local, state, and national health services and resources

Motivate participants to make positive health behavior changes

Provide immunization information